From the beautiful Heatherwood Spring which is a part of the robust and luscious Crystal River Springs Complex in West Central Florida, comes America’s most naturally healthy spring water. With an amazing natural average pH of over 8.0, this water is truly one of nature’s finest and rarest treasures. Our spring water originates deep from within the Floridan Aquifer.

Alpha Pure water is fresh, native, balanced, pure spring water and is guaranteed to be 100% bottled from the source without any artificial modifications or alterations to acquire its unique and special qualities.


Amazing Spring

Heatherwood Spring is a second magnitude spring isolated among the Crystal River Spring Complex in Crystal River, Florida which is comprised of thirty plus springs that have a total output of close to 600 million gallons of fresh water daily.


Amazing Water

The high presence of limestone in the aquifer in this area of Florida is what attributes to the uniquely high natural pH of 8+ found in our bottled water.