Benefits of Alkaline Water


Balances PH levels

The main reason many people opt for alkaline water is to balance PH levels in the body. Maintaining this balance is essential for promoting good general health. The body strives to create a balance of PH levels, but if it has to work too hard to achieve this, it may not have the energy to maintain optimum functioning. Alkaline takes the stress off the body and creates this balance. Too many of the things we consume contain an unhealthy amount of acid. Fats, pollution, chemicals and other substances throw our bodies off balance, and alkaline water helps restore equilibrium.


You can simply drink a glass of water when you feel thirsty, but you are probably already dehydrated before you reach for the glass. A feeling of thirst indicates that the body is already depleted not only of moisture but probably of the right amount of alkaline as well. Drinking alkaline water on a regular basis can prevent dehydration and is absorbed more readily by the body than regular water. Alkaline water has smaller molecules that can be soaked up more quickly and easily. In addition, it improves circulation to ensure the moisture is carried throughout the body.


Once in a while, it is a good idea to undertake a detox regimen to flush toxins out of the body. Many people may undertake partial fasts or increase their intake of liquids help the body cleanse itself. There is little point in going through a detoxification program if you are drinking impure water or water that has a high acid content. Eliminating harmful chemicals and substances can be easier by introducing higher PH levels into the system. Adding alkaline water to a detox program can help flush out impurities more effectively and give the body a full cleansing.

Antioxidant Source

Antioxidants are responsible for eliminating free radicals from your system. Free radicals are pollutants, chemicals and impurities that can cause cell decay and compromise general health. Antioxidants fight against these free radicals and can prevent disease. Alkaline water, along with colorful, fresh fruits and vegetables, contain antioxidants and can contribute to protecting the body from free radicals. Incorporating more antioxidants into your diet for the long-term can keep these free radicals from doing damage to your cells and can forestall the aging process. Simply replacing regular water with alkaline water can produce dramatic effects.

Weight Loss

Alkaline water can help your body store less fat and shed pounds effectively. One of the way the body tries to neutralize acids is to produce more fat cells. This is one way in which exposure to impurities and acids in the environment can increase the problem of obesity. If the level of acid is reduced, there is no longer a need to create additional fat cells, and in turn, weight loss can be easier. In addition, cravings for unhealthy foods can result from impurities that are already in the body. By flushing out your system with alkaline water, you can significantly reduce cravings.

Immunity Boost

Illness can result when the body lacks the proper balance. The amount of acids in our environment can throw the body off of its natural equilibrium. Creating the right PH level can boost the immune system, because the body does not have to make the extra effort to promote balance. When your body is busy trying to correct a PH imbalance, it has difficulty fighting off bacteria and viruses. Therefore, drinking alkaline water can help fight off colds, flu and other ailments. Consuming more alkaline on a regular basis can give your body a fighting chance against microbes.

Cancer-Fighting Properties

Not only does proper PH balance help prevent minor ailments, such as colds and flu, but it can discourage the growth of cancer cells. Malignant cells tend to thrive when the body has high acidic levels. Keeping an even PH level can help inhibit the growth of cancer cells. Drinking alkaline water long-term can reduce the likelihood of cancer and can prevent malignant growths from returning. It is important to try to keep a PH level of just above 7 for optimum health, and consuming more alkaline can help keep the body in balance.

Psoriasis Treatment

Although there is no known cure for psoriasis, alkaline water can help moderate outbreaks when taken both internally and externally. The symptoms of this skin ailment can be unsightly and create significant discomfort. When the immune system is threatened, there can be outbreaks that include reddish skin, swelling and white flakes on the surface. Regulating the immune system and keeping PH levels steady can prevent flare-ups. In addition, applying alkaline water topically can help neutralize the acid, reduce pain, redness and flaking. While there is no guarantee that psoriasis won’t re-emerge, alkaline water treatment can reduce the severity.

Prevents Diabetes

Diabetes is the result of the pancreas’ inability to produce sufficient insulin to neutralize sugars in the body. Therefore, to prevent diabetes and to help regulate the condition, keeping the pancreas healthy is essential. Research has shown that the pancreas responds positively to alkaline and its fluids. One of the ways the pancreas deals with sugar intake is to release alkaline fluid, so in a sense, alkaline water can feed the pancreas and give it more power to deal with sugar. Those already suffering from diabetes can benefit from increased intake of alkaline.

Anti-Aging Benefits

Although aging, to some degree, is inevitable, the acidic nature of the world around us can speed up aging. Free radicals, which are acidic in nature, can cause cells to decay and wrinkles to form faster. In addition, if the body does not have help in restoring PH balance, it may have to work too hard, which can make it vulnerable to the effects of aging. Consuming more alkaline can stall aging, prevent wrinkles and restore vitality. Alkaline water can help you look and feel younger and healthier. Drinking alkaline water on a regular basis can be an effective anti-aging treatment.